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Welcome to the Dog Obedience Groups & Clubs Section


The Dog Obedience Hut has just been launched on 10th April 2006. This is going to be a very large and comprehensive site, and each section will be added progressively. We are planning to "Go Live" with this Dog Obedience Groups & Clubs section sometime in May 2006.


This section of the Dog Obedience Hut will contain geographically sorted links to dog lovers' groups and clubs across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. We will also be included reviews as to what each group or club has to offer.


So in the meantime, browse through some of our articles (see list below), and bookmark our site and return again over the coming weeks and months to witness and be a part of it's development. We plan to add a forum too sometime in May to enable dog owners and trainers to interact with one another and share their knowledge, experience, and dog problem resolution tips with others. Please come again soon!

Dog Obedience Training Articles

  • House Training Dogs Successfully
    You could House train your dog easily if you had the time to watch your puppy 24 hours a day. But as you cant watch them around the clock, dont expect to train them all at once. Training can take up...
  • How To Train Your Dog To Sit
    Getting your dog to sit when you tell them to is an important part of their training. In this article, I want to go over the steps you will want to follow in order to get your dog to sit on command. The...
  • Obedience Training For Your Dog
    There are dogs that do not have bad behaviors, and even if their owners are trying hard to tech them to obey some simple commands, these dogs are hardheaded. Chances are, many owners would just dump them...
  • Dog Training Tips For Humans
    Heres a short list of dog training tips us humans should always bear in mind. Ive decided to mention these because, I believe, they are the most important. To be honest with you this list has more to...
  • How To Train Your Dog To Respond When You Call
    When youre trying to train your dog, one of the most important parts of training is getting the dog to come to you when you call them. This is a basic form of training and is one of the first things you...


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